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2022 Astrological Mini Calendar - Astrology Calendar

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Travel Size Astrology Calendar - 4.25 x 6.875 inches - Perfect Bound - 130 Pages - All aspects in Pacific Standard/Daylight Time Small format with month-view calendar and one week per page layout following. Each week starting on Monday and displays daily astrological aspects, moon sign and void-of-course times. Features a list of astrological highlights for the year, lunation details, planetary ingresses and station dates. Also plenty of space for notes, goals, lists and your natal chart details to have them handy. • Annual Astrological Overview • New Moon & Full Moon List • Ingress Overview & Retrograde Timeline • Monthly Notable Astrological Aspects List • Daily Moon Sign & Astrological Aspects with Times • Void-Of-Course Moon Periods Indicated • Mercury Retrograde Dates Shaded In Grey • Blank Astrology Natal Chart & Quick Reference