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Rockabilly vintage pinup classic retro press-on nails

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Rockabilly vibes are truly timeless in every sense. I have never tried to work this style into my own irl, but damnnn is it ever fun to make nails with this theme. The colors and motifs are straightforward and classic. I was especially inspired by one of my fav skins in Smite, for the first Warrior class goddess I ever got to Diamond: Bellona, Roman goddess of war. So I think of these as Rockabellona nails ❤️🖤🤍 1: Long Square 2: Long Ballerina 3: Long Stiletto 4: Regular Coffin 5: Regular Square 6: Regular Squoval 7: Short Ballerina 8: Regular Almond 9: Short Stiletto 10: Short Oval 11: XL Stiletto FYI: each mani is made to order and there may be some variation from the photos in the listing. If you’re particularly attached to any of the designs, let me know and I’ll make sure to include it!