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2022 Astrological Weekly Datebook - Astrology Calendar

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Astrological Calendar Weekly Agenda Layout - 6 x 9 inches - Perfect or Spiral Bound - 198 pages - All aspects in Pacific Standard/Daylight Time Minimalist layout with plenty of room for getting creative with your notes, checklists, agenda, yearly intentions and end-of-year reflections. Each week displays daily planetary aspects, moon sign and void-of-course time details across the span of two pages. Additionally, notable aspects, planetary movement illustration and lunation details are included at the start of each month. • Annual Astrological Highlights • New Moon & Full Moon List • Ingress Overview & Retrograde Timeline • Monthly Notable Astrological Aspects List • Monthly Planetary Movement Details • Daily Moon Sign & Astrological Aspects with Times • Void-Of-Course Moon Periods Indicated • Mercury Retrograde Dates Highlighted • Blank Astrology Natal Chart & Quick Reference