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2022 Moon Journal - Intentions & Reflections - Astrology

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Moon Journal - 6 x 9 inches - 190 pages - Perfect or Spiral Bound - All aspects in Pacific Standard/Daylight Time Focusing on following the moon cycles and how its influence weaves into our lives, this Moon Journal is designed for writing intentions and reflections during each phase of the moon throughout the year. Each month includes lunation details, an activity tracker, goal writing section and task list, followed by two journal pages for each moon phase of the month. Explore the areas of life that come into focus by following the moon’s journey through the astrological signs with the power of journaling. • Monthly Moon Phase Details • New Moon & Full Moon List • Take Note Moon Transits In Your Chart • 2 Journal Pages For Each Moon Phase • Blank Astrology Natal Chart & Quick Reference • Year-at-a-Glance Calendar • Important Contacts • Intentions For The Year • Activity Day Log • Intentions, Goals & Tasks For Each Month • Dot Grid Space For Notes