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Aura Cleanse - Rox Box - crystal kit - crystal set -stone

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Aura cleansing crystal collection. ** STONES MAY VARY ** The perfect set for keeping your energy field cleared and balanced. This listing is for a rox box crystal pack of green aventurine, snowflake obsidian, lepidolite, quartz. Choose from the drop-down menu during checkout. 4- pack = 1 green aventurine, 1 snowflake obsidian, 1 lepidolite, 1 quartz 8 - pack= 2 green aventurine, 2 snowflake obsidian, 2 lepidolite, 2 quartz. ** STONES MAY VARY ** Aura cleansing. Purify. Cleanse. Remove energetic imbalances. Raise your vibration. Restore balance. Dissolve stress. Calm the mind. Uplift the spirit. Refresh. Rejuvenate. Each stone is labeled/identified with the intention ... Ready for display.