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Body Scrub

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BODY SCRUB Smoothing body emulsion containing micronized bamboo marrow. It removes the surface impurities of the epidermis in a natural way without causing irritation or damage, making the skin soft and smooth. It removes dead cells and superficial imperfections of the epidermis, without damaging the skin. It therefore promotes tissue oxygenation, skin renewal and prevents the so-called “ingrown” of the hairs. It brings greater luminosity to the skin and allows a better penetration of the cosmetic substances applied subsequently. TIPS FOR USE: We recommend using it at least once a week. Allow at least 48 hours between one application and the next. Apply to the area to be treated by massaging for a few minutes, proceed with rinsing with warm water. We recommend the use of the body scrub within 12 months of opening the jar. Contains organic Damask Rose Water