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CHTHONIA Hekate Spirit Oil

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Hekate Chthonia,  Earthly One,  I call thee!  Open the thrice folding Ebony gates And lead us into your forbidden garden,  Where we can taste of they poison fruit  and partake in thy forbidden arts!  CHTHONIA. An oil worn daily in honour and reverence of HEKATE in her chthonic, Dark Mother form. Vetiver, Black Pepper, Myrrh, Styrax, Cinnamon and Poppy merge to create a seemingly intoxicating aroma that pulls you deep into the earth.  Birthed through dedication, enlivened through incantations to The One Who Bares The Torch, the Dark Mother Hekate of the Three Ways.  Bringing this offering to life has taken several years, as I heard the call to make an oil of dedication like this, but it was a task I did not take lightly.