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Cover me in Sunshine Whipped Soap

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This exotic fragrance will make you feel summery in no time. Refreshingly sweet, reminding us of summertime cocktails on the beach! What is whipped soap? Whipped soap is a highly versatile mousse like soap that can be used in place of soap bars or body wash. Not only is it pretty but it is packed full of skin loving ingredients like Kaolin clay and apricot kernel oil Whipped soap can be used as a hand and body wash and a little goes a LONG way! You can scoop out a small amount in your hand or use a loofah or cloth to lather and massage all over your skin then rinse off as normal. It can be used as a shaving soap, apply with hands to lather and shave as normal. It can be used as a solid bubble bath by holding a small amount under warm running water to produce bubbles in your bath.