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Demon Barber Moisturising Whipped Soap, Shaving Soap

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shower soap, body wash soap Demon Barber scented whipped soap, A fresh almost masculine scent, earthy with hints of mint and coriander. What is Whipped Soap? Its an alternative to boring shower gel and can be used in different ways – as a body wash, as a shampoo, or even a shaving foam. Our Whipped soap has been specially formulated to create a silky soft, mousse like texture which will leave your skin feeling beautifully moisturised and gently fragranced. Size : Approx 120g in each tub. Directions for use: Wet your skin with warm water. Use a small amount of the mousse to create a soapy foam. The mousse is concentrated – a little goes a long way. Wash as you would with shower gel or soap. Rinse with warm water and then dry the skin. Can also be used as a shaving soap.