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Green Witch Set of 5 Herbs | Witchcraft Spell Herbs | Magical Herbs | Herb Starter Kit | Witch Herb Bottle | Apothecary Herbs | Ritual Herbs

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We've put together a set of 5 herbs that are perfect for any green witch, hedge witch, or anyone with an herbal inclination. Calendula - strength, intuition, protection, love, abundance. Stinging Nettle - protection, energizes spells, inner strength, spiritual healing, drives out toxicity. Mullein - courage, protection, spiritual strength, dream work, abundance. Hawthorn - blessings, hedge work, journey work, protection, emotional healing. Yarrow - healing, protection, strength, divination, communication. All of our herbs are organic and sustainably sourced. You'll receive a set of 5 herbs. Each bottle measures 3.25" in height.