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Grounding Oil | Energy Work | Shielding | Ritual Anointing Oil | Altar Oil | Spellcrafting | Witchcraft | Candle Dressing Oil | Witchy Tools

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Our grounding oil was created to help us center and ground. Many times, we can feel fragmented and scattered; like we leave pieces of ourselves out in the world. Grounding oil can help call the pieces of ourselves back to us. Created with roots of nettle, dandelion, alkanet and red root, blended with sage, damiana, tulsi, lavender and motherwort. Our favorite way to ground is to anoint the forehead, temples and wrists or hands. You may also choose to dab a bit on your chest, over your heart. Close your eyes and visualize the scattered pieces of yourself coming back to center. As you do this, also visualize roots shooting down from your feet, through the flooring, into the ground and anchoring you.