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Healing Spell Kit

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This kit will stay with you long after your spell, giving you a solid foundation for not only this kit and these tools, but also for many magickal workings to come! Inside you will find complete instructions on how to perform your spellworking, as well as descriptions of each item, their purpose, and how they were historically used. You will learn about magick, set the correct intention and timing of your spell, plan for the correct lunar correspondences, and sing your incantations to the skies when the time comes for the work to be done. This is a great step into the wonderful world of magick, and every kit has the bonus of containing two spells for every intention! Each spell kit also includes an incantation to accompany your spell, a potent herbal spell blend, a sample of one of our conjure oils, chime candle, candle holder, tea candle, crystal, and surprise gifts!