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Hecate Black Leather-like Witch Press-on Fake Nails

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Fall means WITCHCRAFT! And as your friendly neighborhood Space and Nail Witch, I am stoked to invoke the goddess Hecate to give your nails the witchy, fall-equinox vibe they desperately need. These nails have a “leather like” finish/texture to them, to make them even witchier. Please select your preferred shape! **Designs may vary from the listing** but they will still fit the theme. I just have a lot of designs I want to use and I like to make each set completely unique. If there are any particular designs you want me to include, leave a note! 1: Long Square 2: Long Ballerina 3: Long Stiletto 4: Regular Coffin 5: Regular Square 6: Regular Squoval 7: Short Ballerina 8: Regular Almond 9: Short Stiletto 10: Short Oval 11: XL Stiletto