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Hecate Enchanted Key DIY Kit | Ritual Kit | Witch Kit | Crossroads | Witchcraft Kit | Wicca | Divination | Skeleton Key Spell | Hekate Kit

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Hecate - goddess of the crossroads & the dark moon....of the underworld, and of magic...goddess of the night. Hecate is the protector of witches, helping us when paths converge or intersect. She's associated with crossroads, doors, thresholds and hedges. Skeleton keys hold magick. They can be used to lock and unlock, to close and open...doors, pathways, roads, communication. They can help to reveal secrets or things that are hidden. They can help communicate with the spirit world. This kit is designed so that you can enchant and consecrate your own key for use in divination and working with Hecate, or anywhere along your path.