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HEKATE Ritual Oil

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HEKATE OIL by Seven Sisters. "Hail Many Named Mother of the Gods Hail Mighty Hecate of the Threshold" This ritual oil contains herbs and resins sacred to Hecate.  Steeped for three moons, draped in black and gently stirred in prayer to the Dark Mother, Queen of Witches.   "Shape the course of our life with luminous light, And make it laden with good things" HeKate is a the goddess of witchcraft. She is the keeper of the keys and guardian of the veil.  She is the protector of women, of the household and anything newly born. She is of the crossroads, and the Underworld. Of the moon, magick, and necromancy.  Standing between the worlds as guide and guard, She is the Hedge Rider and the Boundary crosser.