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Himalayan Mineral Salt Rose Handmade Soap

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Himalayan Mineral Salt Rose Handmade Soap Color: mineral salt red Gram weight: 90 ± 5g Efficacy: moisturize and exfoliate Applicable to: oily skin and mixed skin Smell: rose fragrance Cold process: ≤ 45 ℃, hand cutting Executive standard: qb/t2485-2008 (type) Actual size: w=75mm, d=55mm, h=25mm Shelf life: cool and ventilated for more than 2 years after maturity, and refrigerator for more than 3 years Storage method: ventilated and dry, refrigerator is better Ingredient:Laver soaked EV olive oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil, wheat germ oil, selected Himalayan rose salt, rose essential oil, rose dew, coconut milk, purified water, sea water alkali.