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Home Blessings - Elegance + Beauty (Pearl)

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Jewelry for the Home to Inspire the Soul -13in in length. shape + size of stones may vary Whether you hang it on a doorknob, a dresser handle, a decorative bottle, or just use them to meditate…may this piece be a reminder of all the beauty + elegance that surrounds us. May it ignite the strength within us + inspire all who enter. In the morning when you wake…. Hold the circle of beads in your hands + get ready for the day ahead. Think about what you want your day to look like. What do you want to create for yourself? Set an intention for one thing that you want to accomplish today + let that intention move you closer to your dreams. Give gratitude + remember you are amazing. Before you go to sleep Hold the circle of beads in your hands + give gratitude for the amazing day you had. Reflect on your day + what you have accomplished. When we fill out thoughts with peaceful + positive moments we will enjoy a restful sleep. Close your eyes with thoughts of fulfillment of a day well spent