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Kitty Half Strip Lashes

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Create the Purr-fect lash look with our Half Lashes Nail the half lash, fox eye, and cat-eye trend with our Limited Edition Half Lashes in style Kitty for a subtle yet striking lash effect you will be clawing to get your paws on. Need a Lash Adhesive?  Try the Flick & Stick Pen - Shop Here  *Please note our strip lashes do not come with lash glue as we are a vegan brand and do not sell standard glue products Featuring our NEW Un-Real Lash™ Technology for the most mink-like vegan lash effect on the market. Premium artificial mink that’s just UNREAL. * Lash Length: Shortest length - 5mm Longest length 10mm * Lash Band Width: 11mm * Best Suited to: Creating a sexy cat eye look that tapers the eye out at the corner * Eye Shapes: Round, Hooded, Almond * Designed to be used with Lola's Lashes Flick & Stick Adhesive Eyeliner (not included) That is SO Un-Real!