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L.W.I Curl Power Russian Magnetic Lash & Liner Set

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Imagine a life without patchy lash extensions... INTRODUCING L.W.I Life Without Infills, the easiest way to create that fresh from the lash tech look between appointments or in place of salon treatments. Get the Russian Lash Extension look with our max volume Curl Power strip lashes - our first-ever lashes that create the super curl lash look of lash extensions at a fraction of the price of a salon treatment! Curl Power is a longer-length Russian look lash with a bold, dramatic curl. ✨ D/DD Curl ✨ Lash Length: 7-10 mm ✨ Style: Volume ✨ Kit Contains - 1x Curl Power Russian Magnetic Lashes, 1x Hybrid Magnetic Liner, 1x Finishing Touch Up Remover Pen, 1x Rose Gold Lash Applicator