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Mermaid Collection - Rox Box - crystal set - crystal kit

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Mermaid crystal collection. ** STONES MAY VARY ** She interacts with the world through her feelings, not her thoughts. This listing is for a rox box crystal pack of aquamarine, labradorite, moonstone, fluorite. Each stone is labeled/identified with the intention ... Perfect for display. Choose from the drop-down menu during checkout. 4- pack = 1 aquamarine, 1 labradorite, 1 moonstone, 1 fluorite. 8 - pack= 2 aquamarine, 2 labradorite, 2 moonstone, 2 fluorite. 12 - pack= 3 aquamarine, 3 labradorite, 3 moonstone, 3 fluorite. ** STONES MAY VARY ** Intention, Emotional. Passionate. Expressive. Truth. Reflective. Intuitive. Clairvoyant. Water goddess. Empathy. Long distant healing. Intense presence. Sacred introversion. Glorious paradox. Beauty devotee. Pleasure seekers.