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Pratum Love Spell Pillar Candle

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100% Natural Soy Wax with Beeswax Drip 12 oz Pillar Spell Candle A rose garden in bloom; it feels as though no one exists but you and your beloved. Your heart is blooming as brilliantly as the unfurling petals around you. Roots intertwine bringing you and the object of your desire closer, the dew drops of your love nourishing the garden. Venus brings you to the meadow of your deepest desires and plunges you forward onto a bed of plush moss only to be caught in the embrace of fulfillment and true happiness. The curio toppers may be removed to keep with you, craft a mojo bag, or simply to add to your collection. These candles may be made to order and require a four day cure time, and as such can take up to a week to ship. We appreciate your patience! Actual colors may vary from the images depicted due to variations in natural dye availability. Charms and accessories vary. Each candle is unique and made to be a one of a kind altar piece.