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Road Opener Ritual Anointing Oil | Altar Oil | Opportunity | Spellcrafting | Witchcraft | Candle Dressing Oil | Altar Tools | Witchy Tools

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Road opener oil helps us when we're feeling challenged, stagnant or blocked. It's designed to help remove obstacles and open doors, making way for new opportunities and success. Our road opener oil has been infused with boneset, motherwort, rue, rosehips, lemon verbena, peppermint, yarrow, rosemary, sandalwood and citrine - not only to open new doors and opportunities, but to protect and nurture us along the way. Charged and infused with herbs & crystals during the waxing moon, as it progresses toward fullness. This sacred ritual oil is meant to be used in your daily devotion, ritual, ceremony, or prayer. It can be applied to your body, used to anoint altar tools, dress candles, or added to your bath. 1 fl oz