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Sapphire Magnetic Lashes

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Ditch the dramatics for natural, yet sophisticated length. If you’re looking to make your everyday a little bit more beautiful, choose our best-seller, Sapphire. This style is all about adding natural length to give you a classic, statement look with a subtle finish for lashes that look like they're yours... only better! *  Lash Length: Shortest length - 6mm, Longest  - 11mm *  Lash Band Width: 32mm *  Best Suited to: Those looking to enhance their everyday lashes for a timeless, put-together look *  Eye Shapes: Almond, Deep Set and Monolid Eyes *  Designed to be used with Lola's Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner (not included) ABOUT OUR MAGNETIC LASHES AND LINERS At Lola’s Lashes, we have said goodbye to our toxic relationship with lash glue and are 100% committed to our amazing No Glue Falsies!