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Self-tanning foam

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Discover a new way to get tanned and look good all year round. Enriched with vegetable oils and moisturizing antioxidants, S and Vaë Self-Tanning Foam captures your skin color and gives you a natural tan in the blink of an eye! ✓ Long-lasting natural effect in a single application ✓ DHA 100% vegetable ✓ Easy and fast application ✓ Even and streak-free result 90% natural origin formula Vegan — Not tested on animals Suitable for all skin types 200 mL 0 traces An ultra light and melting foam that ensures an express drying. A quick application for a harmonious and streak-free result.

Long-lasting natural tan Maintains a radiant tan for up to 10 days after a single application. Proven effectiveness! Respected skin A sublime and respected skin. The foam can be used regularly without any risk to your skin!