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Serenity - Calming Elixir | Herbal Tincture | Energy Work | Earth Magick | Herbal Infusion | Tincture | Herb Magick | Green Witch | Peaceful

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Blended with calming and restorative herbs to help bring peace in trying times. Hawthorn is a heart herb, bringing protection and emotional healing where needed. Tulsi adapts to what we need and goes into those places. Catnip brings a sense of calm and helps rest a tired mind. Motherwort nurtures us and feels like a warm hug. Chamomile helps to calm an anxious body and brings rest. Lavender is soothing, bringing a feeling of lightness. Rose flower essence is energy magick and softens energy and offers us love, happiness, and protection. 1 fl oz *lightly sweetened with honey