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Swear Bear Affirmation Card Deck

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You’re fucking awesome… and now you’ll have a daily reminder! Swear Bear includes 40 empowering affirmations with f-drops and cusswords throughout. You’ll be prompted to stay true to yourself, to go for your dreams, and to be brave… and don’t take any bs along the way. You’ve got this! Some of the badass affirmations include… 🤩 I let go of any bullshit holding me down today. 😏 I give a big middle finger to my fears, and move forward with gratitude. 😎 I am going to rock the shit out of this day! Fuck yes! 😏 I will be sooo damn good to myself today. I deserve my own love too. Your affirmation card set includes 40 large glossy cards (3.5 by 4.5 inches) and a sturdy and secure magnetic storage box.