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Tarot Card Divination Spell Candle

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A 100% Natural Soy Wax 4 oz Aroma Spell Candle Are you losing sight of your life-path, feeling stagnant, just plain lost, or simply seeking insight? This candle uses the powers of yarrow, mugwort, and cornflower to reveal the knowledge the stars have in store for you. By increasing your ability to hear the cosmic message, it assists you in receiving the guidance you need. Be sure to flip the limited edition tarot card on the top of your candle over just before or just after lighting your candle to reveal your fortune. Tarot Card is scented with notes of lemon and fruit, mind sharpening succulent candies, and darkly sweet notes of musk intended to lead you on a journey for knowledge. Dive head first into the intoxicating aroma of this candle to find yourself in a divinatory trance, open and accepting of the knowledge in store for you.