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Yemoja Healing Conjure Oil

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All of our oleums are artisan crafted by hand under the powers of the full moon. This powerful energy of manifestation is imbued in your conjure oil, which is then blended with the moisturizing elements of apricot and sunflower oil. We then steep your ritual oil in a proprietary herbal blend, infusing the power of the sun, herbs, and other curios for a powerful ritual oil that can be used in a multitude of ways. **1 ounce bottles come in gold dropper bottle** Our oleums are skin safe and can be easily used to anoint your body -or simply used as a perfume they smell so delectable! Use these oils during ritual, to dress your candles for spell craft, as a massage oil, and more! Allergy Warning: This product may contain one or more of the following ingredients: cinnamon leaf, sunflower oil, apricot oil, vanilla or grapeseed oil, which may cause allergic reactions in some.